What is an overshoe?

An overshoe is a rubbery shoe that slips over your normal footwear. With a simple design and versatile usage, overshoes are a great addition to any adventurer’s collection of kit. Depending on the type of physical activity you take part in, you can choose from lighter weight to heavier duty options.

Dexshell have a refined range of overshoes, designed to be worn over any type of footwear such as trainers.

What can they be used for?

The beauty of the overshoe is that it is versatile and can be used in a wide range of conditions and environments. Most commonly, overshoes are used in demanding terrains, including:

  • Muddy conditions – the grippy, rubber material can add some traction to keep you from slipping.
  • Wet and rainy conditions – due to the waterproof material of overshoes, they can offer a protective layer between your feet and the rain, keeping you dry.
  • Snowy conditions – the combination of water resistant material and durable rubber keeps your feet warm and dry.

Due to the weatherproof material, overshoes can be worn all year round during all seasons. Our overshoes also feature a reflective strap, meaning you can take part in night time adventures and still be safe and seen.

Are overshoes right for me?

If you live in an area that often experiences adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, an overshoe can be an excellent option for you. Regular trainers can’t withstand against the rain and the mud, leaving you with cold and wet feet. However, if you slip on an overshoe you can not only protect your feet, but protect your socks and shoes from mud stains.

They can also be used if you work with, or take part in water sports as they can be worn in the water as well as walking around on dry land.

For further information on our range of overshoes, get in touch with a member of the Dexshell team today. 

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