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If you regularly head out on long walks, challenging treks or thrilling bike rides, you’ll know the importance of having the proper gear to keep you warm, comfortable and feeling your best. Ill-fitting socks can be a real hindrance to your outdoor fun, especially when they’re loose and sliding down underneath your shoes. Regular, thin socks are useless against the elements leaving your feet damp, cold and uncomfortable.

Dexshell’s ladies’ socks offer you an effective alternative to regular socks, with their waterproof materials, smart insulation and unparalleled durability. Designed to be worn for a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from walking to running, they’ll quickly become your new favourite pair of socks.

Styles to suit you

Within our range of ladies’ socks, you can find a choice of styles that are designed to suit your needs. For those who live in wetter climates and often find themselves wading through water, our Dexshell ladies’ long socks are ideal. The in-cuff seal stops water from entering the sock from the top, ensuring your feet are kept warm and dry. Perfect for wearing underneath trainers, our Dexshell bamboo Ultralite socks are waterproof, breathable and offer unrivalled performance whatever the weather.

A blend of materials

Our ladies’ socks are not like any other socks. They feature a heavy acrylic terry loop inner, whilst the inner lining of the sock is made from super soft bamboo rayon. This combination is durable, comfortable, breathable and waterproof making them ideal socks for wearing all year round.

You may be thinking that socks as durable as these are thick and cumbersome. However, they are lightweight and extremely easy to wear underneath a variety of footwear. 

Another added benefit of our ladies’ socks is that they are naturally sweat absorbing. Not only does this allow your feet to breathe leaving them cool and comfortable, but it also helps to reduce the odour, so they stay fresher for longer. 

For more information on our range of waterproof socks including our ladies’ socks, contact a member of our team today.

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