Why Waterproof Socks Are Ideal For the Outdoors

There aren’t many things worse than setting off for an exciting day of adventures, only to get your socks or feet soaking wet; in fact, this would probably make a lot of people turn around and go home, either to change into a fresh pair of socks or even just give up altogether. But what if there was another option, one that meant you wouldn’t have to abandon your plans and not have to worry about the weather conditions?

Thanks to our range of waterproof socks here at Dexshell, you can take part in any activity that takes your fancy without the fear of getting your feet wet, from gardening to watersports.


Waterproof socks are not only a sensible choice but an incredibly practical and comfortable one. Durable and great quality, they will provide a high level of protection even through the most strenuous of activities.

Our range of socks are more than just waterproof; they are element repellent. This means they will do so much more than protect you from the wet weather. They are able to provide protection from cold, hot, dry and wet conditions, as well as a number of terrains such as mud. This is great if you are at risk of being exposed to any number of weather conditions.

Successfully providing this kind of element repellent clothing for you, here at Dexshell we want to help to minimise the effect of unpleasant weather on both your performance and enjoyment!


To make waterproof socks that are effective and comfortable requires a lot of advanced technology and application of unique methods during the manufacturing process. With our range being 30% more efficient than leading rival products, it’s proof that our waterproof socks are ideal to wear during a variety of different activities.

Specific manufacturing techniques include a unique laminating process that sets the bar high for protection from the elements. We use specialist materials, such as Porelle membrane and Merino wool to provide waterproof, breathable and comfortable socks. This ensures that this particular range of socks are fit for so many different purposes, from trekking to motor cycling and even more leisurely activities like golf and fishing.

The materials we use in our clothing ensures you are wearing something that brings together the benefits of these various materials effectively. Our socks are not just waterproof, but windproof too, enabling you to protect your extremities from harsher weather conditions. They are also naturally anti-bacterial and have the ability to absorb sweat and reduce odour, creating an all-round product for any activity you are thinking of participating in.

If you require high quality, waterproof socks that are perfect for a diverse collection of activities, look no further! 

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