5 Considerations when Buying Waterproof Socks & Accessories

If you’re looking to take your outdoor wear to the next level and cater for all eventualities, then waterproof socks and accessories are definitely a strong way to go.

That’s our view at least at DexShell. But you might be thinking ‘you’re bound to say that’ to yourself.

If so, fair enough. We live and breathe waterproof socks and accessories, so we’re fully sold on their benefits. We know this from experience, and also the great feedback we get from clients (more on that later).

But if you’re tempted by waterproof socks and accessories but are yet to make the leap, take a look at the 5 points of consideration listed below and see if that changes your mind.


1 – Waterproof and Breathable

Waterproof socks, hats and gloves are the best way of keeping your feet warm, head cosy and hands comfortable when exercising. They help you to be in the best condition to keep enjoying your outdoor activity regardless of the conditions.

The feet, hands and head all play a vital role in body temperature regulation. In fact, any area of exposed skin can release heat when its cold. And if you’re doing exercise such as cycling, hiking or walking in cold conditions, any misjudgement about your attire can have negative consequences on your performance and general enjoyment.

If the heavens open for example and you just have run of the mill hats, gloves or socks on, then there’s a high chance that once these items become sodden your body will not like what it’s experiencing. 

At the least, you’re set for significant discomfort. Having cold wet feet for example is nobody’s idea of fun. At the worst, the damp and cold materials your body is exposed to could make you feel really grim.

waterproof hats, gloves and socks from DexShell

This means that waterproof accessories and clothing items are the way to go if you want to avoid that miserable scenario.

As well as being truly waterproof, DexShell’s range has a strong breathability rating. So if you think ‘sure, they’re waterproof, but are they comfortable?’, you will be pleasantly surprised.


2 – Materials

The fact of the matter is that items such as socks and hats that are advertised as waterproof will always vary in quality. 

Some may be waterproof but don’t allow the feet to breathe. Others may be advertised as waterproof but when push comes to shove, they’re anything but.

Certain natural and manmade materials are key to the development of truly waterproof outdoor accessories.

DexShell’s products are made from trusted materials, many of which use natural resources such as Merino wool and bamboo linings, and feature a waterproof membrane.

This ensures a truly waterproof products that delivers what you need, when you need it.

waterproof sock from DexShell being dropped into water with orange background


3 – Weight and Size

The materials outlined above are resilient and robust, but does that mean waterproof socks are like having a heavy, unwieldy garment on your feet?

The answer is a definite no. Our socks for example are generally very light and designed with wearer comfort very much in mind.

Many of our bamboo socks for example are ‘ultralite’, meaning they provide the kind of comfort you want while preventing any discomfort from exterior forces.

All of our socks and waterproof gloves come in a variety of sizes, with a handy size guide available on each of our purchasing pages.

Hats are a little different, with a one size fits all approach adopted here.

Essentially, it’s easy to get the right buy for your specific requirements at DexShell.


4 – Warranty

On the off chance that something’s not quite right with any product you buy, the last thing you want is to not have the chance to get your money back or a product that fits your requirements.

DexShell has a hassle-free returns policy, so if things aren’t as you expected them, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Take a look through our returns and refunds offering.  


5 – Popularity

Are the waterproof socks and accessories you’re looking for up to scratch? It’s an obvious question when searching around for products online, and often the best way of gauging the quality of an item is looking at what other people in your shoes have said about them post-purchase.

Our site features the Yotpo review system, so if there’s a specific item that you’re interested in, the reviews from other buyers give a clear indication of what you can expect yourself.

We also have a number of brand ambassadors who love our products and use them for a range of activities. So if they’re good enough for these guys, they could well be good enough for you.

Hopefully this guide has shed some light on what’s what when searching for waterproof sportswear such as socks, gloves and hats.

The DexShell team will be happy to answer any additional questions you have. Simply get in touch on 0161 864 466, or email us on DexShell@fordville.co.uk.

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