The Benefits of DexShell’s Wudhu Socks

The Benefits of DexShell’s Wudhu Socks

When it comes to wudhu socks, DexShell is a leader in the field. We have looked to cater for those seeking contemporary, stylish wudhu socks that are both comfortable and meet the necessary requirements.

We have one of the leading wudhu sock products available on the market, and have seen this product rise in popularity for good reason.

If you want to know more about our wudhu socks, we’ve put together this helpful blog to answer all your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

What are Wudhu Socks?

For those of the Islamic Faith, ablutions are a key part of prayer. This is a type of ritual purification, also referred to as wudhu. It involves the washing of the hands, mouth, nose, arms, head and feet with water.

The feet are the last part of the body to be washed during ablutions, but this can be a tricky ask in certain circumstances. For example, if travelling or when living a busy lifestyle, taking socks on and off to wash the feet can be inconvenient.

It is possible for Muslims to perform ablutions whilst wearing socks as long as they meet certain conditions. These are:

  • They must entirely cover both ankles
  • They should be durable enough for a person to walk 3 miles without them tearing
  • The socks must be free of holes to the extent of 3 small toes
  • They should remain on the leg without needing to be held up or tied in place in any way
  • They should not allow water to seep through to the skin

This means that many Muslims wear leather socks for convenience. These can be washed with water and are suitable for ablutions. However, leather socks are generally not particularly comfortable and don’t always look very good.

This is why DexShell has developed an ankle length, waterproof wudhu sock that meets the above criteria. Wearing these as prayer socks is a comfortable and convenient option.

What benefits can wearing DexShell’s Wudhu Socks bring?

Truly convenient for the Muslim on the go, DexShell’s wudhu socks make it easy to complete ablutions with minimal hassle. That means if you’re travelling, at the office or in a location where you don’t have a lot of time or limited space for ablution, DexShell’s socks can make a big difference. 

The waterproof design of the socks allows for water to be run over the surface without it seeping through to the feet. This means that any discomfort after washing is avoided.

These wudhu socks are also very comfortable, and are designed to be breathable on the feet. That means that any sweat and moisture that is built up over the course of a day is easily released, allowing for day-long well-being.

Their tough, resilient design also means that long distances can be covered without damage to the sock. So wearers will be delighted by how well these socks stand up to activity.

What are the specifics?

You can buy wudhu socks from DexShell in a variety of sizes for just £24.00.

The socks are made from a light material, with a fabric that is abrasion resistant.

The outer shell contains 97% abrasion resistant nylon, 2% elastane and 1% elastic. The socks’ inner layer is made of 80% cotton and 20% nylon, and between the two layers sits the Porelle waterproof membrane. This highly breathable membrane interlining is what prevents water seeping through to the skin and makes these socks completely waterproof.

Our wudhu socks have been tried and tested by Muslim scholars and have been fully approved.

And be sure to take a look through the reviews this product has. This should help set your mind at ease if you have any doubts.

Be sure to contact the DexShell team on 0161 864 4666 or on if you have any questions.

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