Top training tips for the London Marathon

Signing up to run a marathon is on plenty of people’s bucket list. But actually going through the process of training, preparing and then running the gruelling distance is a different matter.

Don’t worry – if you have signed up for this year’s London Marathon, DexShell’s right behind you! We want to do what we can to get you over that finish line.

To help get you in the best frame of mind and not only complete, but enjoy it every step of the way, we’ve put together this list of help tips and tricks to get you over that finish line not only in one piece, but with a big smile on your face too!

Get into a good routine

Training for a big event like the London Marathon requires a planned approach to ensure you reach the right levels.

One thing to do is try to align your training schedule as closely to the big event as you can.

For example, the mass start for the London Marathon starts at 10am. So when training, replicate what you’ll do on the big day as closely you can. Try to have the same breakfast, the same drinks, the same kit as you will on 28th April.

This will help you develop a certain type of mindset that will be very helpful when you’re stood on the start line in London. You will have ticked off all your usual checkpoints, so when the marathon starts you’re just doing your normal routine – apart from the thousands of cheering fans of course.

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Prioritise recovery

When you’re getting your body ready for a massive event such as the London Marathon, it’s vital you let it recover after training. This allows you to get in the right shape and condition without causing any problematic damage that could ultimately hamper or ruin your chances of completing the 26+ miles.

Proper recovery includes rehydration, stretching your muscles effectively, warming down and good sleep. All of these help your body get back to where it needs to be more quickly.

Doing too much too soon or overtraining will only end in tears. If you’re feeling generally tired, suffering from consistent pain in your legs, not able to sleep or getting regular headaches, you might be overdoing things. Be aware of this, and be sure to make recovery just as big a part of your training regime as getting out and running is.

Look after your body

This might seem obvious, but small points of pain and discomfort can soon become a big deal when you’re training for a marathon.

Make sure you take the time to consider how your body is feeling, and if there is anything that’s getting to you while you’re running, look to counter and alleviate it as soon as you can.

Chaffing can be a big problem, and wearing tight-fitting clothing and using Vaseline can help prevent this.

Blisters and other foot problems are another thing to keep an eye on. Try to tackle such things before they get worse and become a real hindrance to you meeting your end goal. Anything that prevents blisters, stops you skin cutting up and means you can focus on the finish line will help!

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Share your journey

Training for an event like the London Marathon usually means plenty of time spent alone, either out running or recovering. Some people love the sense of peace this brings, but there’s a risk that you can feel a bit lonely and isolated because of the devotion required.

One way to counter this is by sharing your training on social media. There are plenty of apps out there to track your runs on and share with the wider world. But photos, videos and updates on your progress give people the chance to engage with your journey, and you can inspire others with what you’re doing.

Prepare for all conditions

Visualisation is a proven way to help you prepare for sporting success. So as you look forward to the 28th April, are you picturing a beautiful sunny day and you crossing that finish line with a beautiful blue sky and pleasant conditions all around?

We don’t want to burst your bubble, but this might not quite be the case. It might be a horrible day weather wise, so being prepared for all meteorological eventualities is a wise move.

Having waterproof running gear is a good idea not only for the big day, but also to support your training regime. Don’t let rain and inclement conditions prevent you from getting where you need to be and nailing the big run on marathon day.

DexShell has a great range of high quality running socks for you to pick up, all made with breathable technology to help keep your feet dry but breathable and comfortable inside your running shoes. Whether you need men’s running socks, women’s running socks or just comfortable socks for the outdoors, DexShell can help.

We also have waterproof hats and gloves for you to buy to support your training efforts.

If you do buy our products, why not send us your photos? You could end up on our customer photos page.

If you have any questions about our brand get in touch, and if you’re preparing for the 2019 London Marathon, be brave, train hard and get over that finishing line!

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