5 things every cyclist hates

Every avid cyclist knows that this activity has its ups and downs. This is meant in both a literal sense – ‘not another hill!’ – and in the sense that some days you love being out on the road and others you don’t.

These undulations are all part of the appeal. Cyclists love the battle – with the road, with the elements, and with themselves.

But there are some things that are pretty universal when it comes to cyclists’ pet peeves. Nobody wants a bad ride, and there are some things that are pretty certain to make that the case.

Fortunately, there are plenty of preventative measures that can help you avoid catastrophe. So in this blog, we’ve picked out 5 things that no cyclist wants and offered a helping hand as to how to avoid the worst case scenario.


If you’re considering taking up cycling, this term might not be particularly familiar to you. Bonking is the term used by cyclists for when you’re out of energy. It means running on empty. It means hitting the wall. Quite frankly, it’s horrible!

The science behind bonking lies in the body’s glycogen levels. Your body can only store enough glycogen for around 90 minutes of intense exercise. So if you’re planning a 3 hour ride, chances are you’re going to feel pretty bad at some point unless you plan carefully.

Having suitable energy bars and snacks are a great way to avoid the terror of the bonk. Staying hydrated is also important, so any cyclist should ensure they take something with them on every ride to help avoid or allay the dreaded bonk.

Bad driving

This is a pretty emotive topic and one that every cyclist and driver will have an opinion on. One of the scariest things while out on the bike is having a car drive dangerously close to you – or in a worst case scenario, coming into contact.

Cyclists often get a bad rep too, and there are plenty of people on bikes who don’t respect the rules of the road and generally give cyclists a bad name.

Though there are no sure-fire guarantees, we think that being respectful and abiding by the laws of the road is the best way to ensure cyclist/driver harmony. So if somebody patiently waits behind you, give them a thumbs up when they do overtake. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference and can help protect other cyclists out on the road simply by proving to drivers that for every silly rider, there are plenty of safe, courteous cyclists out there too.

Getting lost

When out enjoying a ride, it can be easy to get caught up in the beauty of nature and take a wrong turn or decide to explore a little further. The risk with this is that all of sudden you’re riding along and you’ve lost your bearings!

Thanks to modern technology, it should be pretty easy to get back on track. Be sure to take a mobile phone or a cycling GPS and you should be safe enough. Failing that, there are usually some friendly locals to be found that can help get you back on the right route!

Getting cold

There’s a real art to dressing right for the temperatures when cycling. If you don’t get this right, you’ll be in for an uncomfortable ride. One thing that can catch cyclists out is the cold, and particularly the wind factor.

Get to know your body and what temperatures you feel comfortable riding at. For example, if the temperature is less than 7°C, leggings might be a better option than shorts.

One factor that can make a big difference to your overall body temperature and comfort levels when riding is your hands. Keep these warm and protected and you can keep the overall temperature of your body where it needs to be. Fail to do so, and you pay a heavy price. This is why having a great pair of bike gloves is very worthwhile.

Getting wet

Wet conditions aren’t ideal for cyclists, though there are plenty of tough people out there that will ride in any condition. Our hats go off to you!

However, when rainwater starts seeping into your clothes and making your skin cold, that’s not good. Not only will this negatively impact your enjoyment of the ride, but you will also start to feel off colour and could potentially get ill.

We advise buying a pair of waterproof cycling socks for out on the bike. Having a comfortable, breathable, waterproof pair can keep you smiling whatever the weather.

At Dexshell, we specialise in waterproof socks, hats, and gloves, so be sure to browse through our range and find the perfect items for you.

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