Let Dexshell help you beat the weather this winter

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle when the weather is far from ideal is something we acknowledge as being particularly tough to do.

Even the most committed runner, hiker or cyclist has those days when they look out the window and something about the wind, rain, snow, hail or a combination of all of the above makes them retreat in fear.

But we believe that exercising year-round is possible, regardless of what the infamous British weather has in store for you.

At Dexshell, when it comes to beating the weather, there are two key factors: mindset and preparation.

We looked at some of the factors around mindset in a recent Dexshell blog. Exercising year-round can help you avoid the winter blues, allow you to enjoy nature at a different time of year, and give your athlete’s ego a boost by helping you to feel tough as nails.

When it comes to preparation, we often find ourselves referring back to this old athlete’s adage: There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

Having a strong selection of clothing items suitable for even the harshest conditions can turn what many would see as a torturous run, ride or hike into an enjoyable outdoor experience.

This is where Dexshell’s range of outdoor clothing comes into its own. 

We have put time, investment and commitment into creating a technically advanced, element repellent range of garments that will allow you to enjoy being outdoors whatever the conditions.

The key term here is ‘element repellent’. We’ve worked hard to test our products and ensure they stand above and beyond the competition when it comes to keeping customers warm, dry and protected.

We’ve put together a fine range of functional, waterproof, breathable knitted items that deliver time and again for outdoor enthusiasts.

Included in our range are superb waterproof socks that are designed to keep feet warm and comfortable, and avoid that horrible sensation of wetness on the extremities. We have waterproof socks for bikers, hikers and runners, with special designs for ladies, men and children.

There is also a selection of hats available from Dexshell. These can help prevent heat escaping your body through the top of your head and help you stay focused and comfortable while exercising. We have mens and ladies hats, as well as a fine range of beanies.

Similarly, keeping hands warm is very important in the winter months. Fail to do this and you’ll soon notice how frequently you find yourself thinking about your numb fingers. This can in fact be particularly dangerous when cycling for example and negatively impact your bike-handling ability.

This means having suitable gloves to hand – excuse the pun – is a great idea. Dexshell has biking gloves, hiking gloves and trekking gloves available in a variety of patterns and styles, so take a look.

It’s relatively easy to select and buy the perfect items for your outdoor winter wardrobe. Once you get in the right mindset, this combination can truly help you to successfully adopt year-round exercise regimes and feel great all winter long.

And if you do purchase something from our range, please send us your photos! You may well make it to our customer photos page.

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