Tackling common misconceptions about waterproof socks

Every time there’s a game-changing introduction to a market, there’s inevitably a level of cynicism in some quarters.

When it comes to waterproof socks, at Dexshell we like to think that we’re in a pretty good position to judge.

We’ve worked hard to enhance the level effectiveness our products have above and beyond the competition. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional levels of comfort and style while simultaneously keeping the feet of our customers dry.

So if you’re thinking to yourself ‘a pair of waterproof socks are a nice idea, but surely they’re too good to be true’, think again.

We’ve put together this blog to help highlight some of the misconceptions that are out there and put your mind at ease when it comes to snapping up a pair of truly waterproof socks.

Are these socks really waterproof?

Really, really, really. We’ve gone to extraordinary levels to ensure that the socks we sell are truly waterproof. We use high grade materials including Thermolite, Porelle and Coolmax to ensure that our socks not only keep your feet dry, but also keep your feet comfortable thanks to an additional focus on making our socks breathable. It’s all part of our commitment to being a market leader when it comes to waterproof socks.

How do they work?

We use an advanced manufacturing technique, which includes the use of a unique laminating process. We are also able to weave material properties into a single fabric. We’ve spent serious time studying and perfecting material construction, and we’ve sourced the most high-spec technology on the market.

We don’t want to give all our secrets away, but by putting time and effort into finding the best fabrics and design techniques, we’ve helped make our waterproof socks the best on the market.

What have tests on Dexshell’s products shown?

In testing, our element repellent range came out 30% more effective on overall performance. So not only are our waterproof socks great at repelling the wet, but they also keep feet comfortable in cold and hot conditions as well.

What can they be used for?

Dexshell’s waterproof socks are ideal for cyclists, walkers or hikers. Anyone who gets a kick out of tackling the elements will love a pair of our waterproof socks. Of course you don’t have to wear them when battling the elements – they’re comfy enough to wear whenever, wherever!

Does the effort to make them waterproof mean less focus is put on style?

Not in the slightest. Our range of waterproof socks come in a selection of great colours and styles, so we’ve certainly not compromised on the visual elements. Whether you’re someone who likes a colourful sock or perhaps a sleeker, smoother style, you can find the right option for you in our range.

How do I get some?

Easy peasy. We have waterproof socks designed for cyclists, hikers, and runners. There are also dedicated ranges for men, ladies and children, so whoever you are and whatever you like to do, you can find the perfect waterproof sock in our range.

And why not take a look at our bamboo socks too? These really are a step above the rest.

If you require any further information or advice, our team of experts at Dexshell will be happy to help. Simply drop us an email on dexshell@fordville.co.uk or give us a call on 0161 8644666.

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