5 reasons to exercise in Inclement Weather this Winter

At this time of year, we know it’s not easy to get out and exercise as it is when the sun’s shining and the temperature’s nice. Finding that extra motivation to brave the elements is something that can prove particularly elusive.

But there’s no reason to miss out on staying fit and healthy over the winter. It’s all a matter of finding the right mindset to get your kit on and go and nail it.

We’ve picked five reasons why keeping your exercise regime going even when the rain, wind and freezing temperatures it is a good idea. We’re not mad – honest!

1 – Avoid those winter blues

We won’t bore you with things you probably know already, like exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good.

But there are plenty of ways that exercise can help improve your mood and wellbeing when the days get shorter.

For example, regular moderate exercise has been found to boost immunity levels. This is done by enhancing the body’s lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation, giving you a better chance of avoiding those miserable coughs and colds synonymous with winter time.

Additionally, exercise has been found by many studies to have a positive effect on sufferers of winter depression, anxiety and stress. So even though it might be grim out, doing some exercise is a great way to realign things and help you feel calmer and better throughout the winter months.

Equally, exercise is a great way to lose weight and shed any excess pounds you might acquire over the Christmas period for example. It’s only right to indulge at Christmas time, but getting back on track come January will have you back to your ideal weight in no time.

2 – Feel as tough as nails

This might not be for everybody but going for a run or a bike ride in the rain or wind can give you a real feeling of accomplishment. You might get soaked to the skin but doing exercise when wintry weather is a factor shows you are a true athlete, not bothered about such things.

Any passers-by will see that you’re tough as nails, and just think – if you can run in the pouring rain and howling wind, you can run in anything.

3 – Enjoy the scenery

Particularly in the autumn and spring months, the great outdoors is enjoying a time of transition with some fantastic, evocative colours coming to the fore.

So look to embrace the beauty of nature in all its forms. The scenery you run, cycle or walk through can be a great distraction when you’re feeling the burn, so look to enjoy it and embrace it in all its forms.

4 – Improve performance over the long-term

Ever heard the phrase ‘winter miles, summer smiles’? Essentially, the more graft and hard work you put in when the weather’s not particularly inspirational, the better you’ll feel and more you’ll be able to do come the summer.

For example, the additional layers you wear in the winter add to your overall weight when cycling, and potentially reducing your ability to climb as quickly or have the average speed you clock in the summer.

Plus riding and running into headwinds might not be much fun at the time, but are a great way to boost endurance and power in the long term.

So putting in the hard yards in the winter can really help improve your performance levels once the weather takes a turn for the better.

5 – Enjoy some new clothing

Everybody loves trying out some new clothes and getting kitted out. Having some fresh new items specially designed for inclement weather can give you that extra push to get out in the winter months.

At Dexshell, you can pick up bamboo socks, as well as biking socks, hiking socks, and running socks. Additionally, we have stylish waterproof hats available, as well as a host of gloves that are perfect for the winter weather.

And if you are out exercising in our gear this winter, be sure to tag us in your social posts and we’ll get you on our customer photos section.

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