How to start New Activities in the New Year

Once Christmas has been safely negotiated and the new year celebrations are done and dusted, people up and down the country will be looking to make some New Year’s resolutions and make some changes.

One of the most popular things to take up is a new hobby or exercise. This can be a great point of focus during the dark early months of the year and help people shed any extra pounds they might have accumulated over the festive period.

So we at Dexshell have put together a few handy hints to help you stick to your resolutions and feel great in the new year.

Set yourself goals

What do you want to achieve from your new activity? If it’s simply a case of getting out into the great outdoors more often, that’s brilliant! Consider picking a time of the week every week where you go for a nice long walk for example. Or maybe look to get onto the bike at least twice a week. Whatever works best for you.

Once you’ve started, it’s easy to get into positive habits and develop good traits. You might think going for a three mile run will be torture. But once you do it once, twice, three times, you’ll likely start to look forward to doing another. Exercise is all about making positive habits that then have a positive influence on your life.

Chart your progress

Today’s era of technology means that it’s easier than ever to chart the exercise and activities you’re doing. There are a host of apps available today that are great to chart your runs, walks or bike rides for example.

Tools like Fitbits also can stay on top of what you’re doing each day and give you a good idea of where you’re at.

Once you have a ballpark figure, you can look to make incremental improvements. Running a mile in 10 minutes? You’ll feel great when you start to see that time go down to 9 or 8 minutes (or lower, but nobody likes a show off…)

Or maybe you’ve clocked a 20 mile bike ride in the first week after Christmas and thought it might be the death of you. Think how great it will feel when 20 miles becomes a piece of cake?

Taking up a new activity can see you make quick progress and you may well surprise yourself.

Enjoy the benefits

Whatever outdoor activity you decide to take up, look to enjoy it as much as possible. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Exercise’s health benefits for both the body and mind are well known, and that endorphin release you get is something that can become very moreish.

And if you see your waste line shrink or those muscles grow that little bit, you can revel in the glory of knowing taking up your new activity is reaping benefits.

Buy the kit you need

At Dexshell, we have a broad selection of products available that are the ideal item to add to your wardrobe if you’re taking up a new outdoor activity such as running, hiking or cycling in the new year.

You can find bamboo socks that are both comfortable and waterproof, as well as running socks, bike socks and more.

We have hats for men and women that can keep you warm in even the coldest winter temperatures, as well as gloves suitable for a host of outdoor activities, including biking gloves and trekking gloves.

If you have any photos of yourself or your family and friends out enjoying the great outdoors and using Dexshell products, be sure to tag us in your social posts. You might well find yourself on our customers photos page!

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