Defending against the Rain and Cold this Winter

Regardless if your passion is running, hiking or cycling, very few outdoor enthusiasts enjoy getting soaked to the skin.

Granted, different weathers are all part of the fun of embracing the outdoors. You might even get a perverse thrill out of challenging yourself in conditions that are far from perfect.

But all the same, you want to be comfortable while doing an outdoor activity – particularly when conditions are rainy and damp.

At Dexshell, our specialty is clothing that keeps outdoor enthusiasts comfortable and dry in all weathers.

We stock a wide variety of exceptional products that are the ideal addition to the wardrobes of any runner, hiker or cyclist ahead of the Autumn and Winter months.

Keeping feet dry

It’s easy to forget the important role your feet can play in being an active and healthy person.

Any injury or problem with your feet will greatly impact your ability to exercise. As with any outdoor activity, your feet often bear the brunt of the exercise you do.

As one of your extremities, your feet help regulate core body temperature. That means that when it’s hot, your body uses your feet to get rid of excess heat. When your body is cold, your feet are one of the first areas to feel the pinch.

This means that keeping them warm and dry in cold conditions is very important. Not only will it allow you to be at your best when exercising, but also help to keep your body warm and let you feel comfortable.

We stock a wide variety of waterproof socks in exciting colours. These are great for a number of activities and our range includes items suitable for men and women.

High-thermal Hats

The human head is another emitter of heat. So when conditions get cold and wet, keeping this warm and dry is a definite priority as your overall body temperature won’t drop in the same way.

Dexshell has a wide selection of waterproof, windproof, breathable hats that have been created using advanced manufacturing techniques.

These items look great and there’s a wide range of styles available, allowing you to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe based on your specific needs.

We have beanie hats, hats with poms, hats with earflaps and peaked hats in our range. These are ideal for runners or hikers, while cyclists will love this stretchable skull cap. This is a great way to protect the forehead and ears – areas cyclists know can be particularly exposed when riding in cold and wet conditions.

Get hold of Great Gloves

Similarly to feet, your hands are particularly sensitive to the internal temperature change rain and cold can bring. When it comes to doing activities in these conditions, having hands that are protected and warm is important.

Dexshell has a broad range of element repellent, all-weather gloves that are ideal for hiking, running, cycling and more.

Our range includes gloves that feature the Porelle waterproof, breathable membrane as part of their creation. This means that there’s no risk of your hands overheating and becoming drenched in sweat. The technology behind the gloves mean you won’t be distracted by discomfort.

Wrap up this Winter with great items

Our range of exceptional outdoor gear at Dexshell is ideal for those people looking to stay fit and active this winter.

And once you’ve bought from us, please send in your photos. We now have a dedicated customer photos section where we showcase our products in action, so help us add to it!

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