Dexshell’s Top 5 Must-Have Products for Cyclists

Cyclists are known for being a tough breed. But very few riders enjoy getting soaked to the skin or savour feeling too cold while out on the bike. If you’ve found that once the rain starts to fall or the temperature drops below a certain point there is a negative impact on the enjoyment of your ride, finding items that can keep you warm and dry is a must. At Dexshell, we stock a fine selection of products for cyclists that are designed to allow you stay comfortable and protected, helping you enjoy your ride whatever the weather.

Hi-Vis Bike Gloves

Any experienced cyclist knows the importance of keeping their hands warm while out on the bike. Numbness, pins and needles and cramps in the hand are unpleasant and can negatively impact your ability to control your bike.

At Dexshell, to allow you to ride in all weathers safely, we stock superb Touchfit and Thermfit waterproof cycling gloves that help you enjoy your ride in comfort.

Available in highly visible colours, these gloves are lightweight, made of antibacterial materials, and offer riders superb dexterity and grip.

Ultra Weather Gloves

If you’re looking for excellent levels of heat in your gloves, our selection of Ultra Thermal cycling gloves are for you.

Available in hi-vis yellow and black, these cycling gloves are created using windproof, waterproof and thermal materials.

They also feature a built-in heat pack zone specifically designed for Dexshell heat packs. These packs offer up to 8 hours of heat, so whatever length your ride is, you can keep your hands warm in all conditions.

Bamboo Ultra Thin Cycling Socks

Dexshell’s selection of cycling socks are created using eco-friendly bamboo rayon material, allowing for breathability while also keeping your feet protected from water.

We stock socks complete with merino wool linings, as well as anti-bacterial and sweat absorbing socks complete with the porelle breathing membrane, meaning they are perfect for cyclists all year round.

With lots of cool colours and great designs, you can find the perfect cycling socks for you on our site today.

Multi-purpose neck warmer

The neck is a part of the body that is infamously tricky to keep covered. When it comes to cycling in cold or wet conditions, if the neck is left exposed it can be very unpleasant for riders.

To counter this, Dexshell offers a multi-purpose neck warmer that works both on and off the bike, giving you an extra layer of protection against inclement conditions.

Lightweight and practical, this item is ideal for cyclists and looks great.

Cycling Overshoes

Dexshell offers light weight and heavy duty overshoes that can help keep cyclists’ feet warm and dry.

These are water resistant and abrasion resistant, providing riders with an extra layer of protection when riding conditions get tough.

Our overshoes also feature reflective strips, helping riders stay visible and seen while out on the road.

High Standards, High Quality

Dexshell’s products have been designed to meet the requirements of cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts, helping to keep them protected in all conditions.

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