Why Bamboo Socks Should Be Your Next Buy

Those who love the great outdoors will know the annoyance of being out and about when a sudden downpour strikes. Different people react to such things in different ways, but one thing is pretty universal – getting your feet cold and wet is to be avoided if at all possible.

Having a pair of socks on your feet that don’t keep water out can leave you feeling grim and really impact your enjoyment of your outdoor activity. There’s also a higher risk of catching colds, and generally suffering more than you should.

Suitable for a Range of Activities

Having the right items on your feet can be the difference between you cracking on with your activity and fitness tasks, and you wanting to get things over and done with as quickly as possible.

Maybe you’re a keen sailor or kayaker? Or you like to spend your weekends out on the golf course? When bad weather strikes, you don’t want that to overly impact your activity, but instead see it as a challenge to overcome.

However, that’s difficult to do if you’re not dressed suitably. Socks that don’t keep your feet protected add to your discomfort and can turn an activity from being enjoyable to laborious in a flash.

You might be a cyclist, a walker or a jogger, and here the same applies. Whatever you’re doing outdoors, keeping your feet dry, comfortable and protected is something you should certainly look to do.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Comfort

To counter these problems, Dexshell stocks special waterproof socks lined with eco-friendly modal and bamboo rayon yarns. These are designed to keep feet warm and protected no matter what conditions you are tackling.

Bamboo really is the ideal material for your foot and sock needs. The materials used to create our bamboo socks are incredibly soft and breathable, meaning there’s no discomfort while wearing them.

Our bamboo socks are also antibacterial, sweat absorbing and highly flexible. Dexshell’s range also includes Porelle waterproof breathable membranes, helping to add to the levels of comfort wearers can enjoy.

Super Styles and Colours

Whether you want to get hold of a great pair of protective walking socks, running socks to wear while getting fit or another outdoor activity, the selection of Bamboo socks we offer at Dexshell is broad enough to help you find what you want.

We stock bamboo socks in a range of colours and styles. Fan of stripes? We stock black and grey and multi coloured options, as well as Black and Pink Ultralite womens bamboo socks.

There are also bamboo-lined socks available in black, grey, navy blue, and purple, allowing you to find the right socks to match your tastes and get your perfect outdoor look.

Additionally, our bamboo socks come in a range of sizes, so you can be sure to find the right option for you.

As well as our range of waterproof bamboo socks, we stock waterproof hats and waterproof gloves. So don’t miss out on great items. Shop at Dexshell today and kit yourself out for whatever the great outdoors throws at you.

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