5 Essential Products for Climbers and Hikers

Those who love climbing and embracing the great outdoors have to accept nature and weather in all its forms. Whether you’re favourite pastime is hiking up valleys and down dales, or you simply like to take a stroll in the countryside, at Dexshell we stock a great variety of apparel that can help enhance your enjoyment of your time in the great outdoors.

As such, we’ve picked out 5 products from our range that every climbing and walking enthusiast should consider adding to their wardrobe.

Walking Socks

We at Dexshell are very proud of our fine collection of warm socks that support the outdoors life. Our selection of hiking socks offers wearers excellent levels of comfort.

Our hiking socks are thick and durable and offer complete waterproof protection thanks to the innovative designs and materials used in their creation. We have merino wool socks within our range, and a selection of colours and styles to select from.

We believe that hiking and walking socks from Dexshell should be a must have for any keen climber, rambler or hiker.

Beanie Hats

Experienced walkers and hikers will know how temperamental the weather can be, particularly in some of the more exposed and rugged parts of the country. As such, being prepared for sudden weather changes and temperature drops is a must.

At Dexshell, to help counter such conditions when they strike, we stock excellent beanie hats that keep wearers warm and protected while also looking great.

Our selection is comprised of hats that are waterproof, windproof and thermal. They have also been designed to be breathable and are made from innovative materials to enhance comfort levels for wearers.

We stock waterproof beanie hats for men and women in a range of excellent colours, so be sure to add a warm beanie hat to your outdoor clothing collection.


If you enjoy walking or hiking in difficult conditions, you will know that making sure your hands are protected is very important.

Not only can having cold hands be unpleasant, but depending on the terrain you’re tackling, being able to use your hands effectively to clamber over and cover ground is crucial.

At Dexshell, we stock climbing and hiking gloves that will keep your hands warm and protected, as well as providing additional grip.

Made using innovative, breathable and antibacterial materials, the selection of gloves we stock at Dexshell is a cut above, so find yourself an excellent buy today.

Neck Warmer

When it comes to climbing in the most challenging conditions, looking to ensure that as little skin is exposed as possible is critical when it comes to staying warm and being comfortable.

At Dexshell, we stock multi-functional neck warmers that help to keep you protected from the wind and rain while out enjoying the great outdoors.

This item can be worn around the neck or pulled up over the head to provide an extra layer of protection and comfort in challenging weathers. Not only is this ideal for climbers and hikers, but is also extremely handy for cyclists, joggers, and those doing any other outdoor activity.


When hiking and climbing, what you wear on your feet is critically important. You can help protect your footwear with some overshoes from Dexshell.

Providing a flexible addition to any climber’s wardrobe, these overshoes are waterproof and offer additional levels of grip for activities in challenging environments.

Rubber overshoes also reduce the chances of water seeping into your shoes and potentially causing discomfort.

Dexshell stocks lightweight and heavy-duty versions, so whatever you’re going to attempt, make sure you have a pair of overshoes fit for purpose.

Market-leading Products

Dexshell prides itself in the high-level of functionality and capabilities of our products – all of which have been tested for efficiency with excellent results.

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