Having a decent pair of gloves can be incredibly handy and sometimes even essential, whether you are going on a walk or participating in watersports regularly. Your hands often need proper protection from harsh weather conditions and they can lose heat quite quickly thanks to being an extremity.

Owning a pair of thermal waterproof gloves can be an indispensable piece of clothing and something worth investing in. Whether your job involves constant exposure to weather, or you follow an active lifestyle that takes place outdoors, our range of waterproof gloves at Dexshell are the perfect accessory. Here are just a few situations where they would come in useful!


First and foremost, thermal waterproof gloves are perfect for protection against extreme weather conditions such as snow. Designed to provide outstanding performance, Dexshell gloves are ideal for a range of snow-based activities, from shoveling snow off your drive to skiing and snowboarding.

With added features such as grip dotting on the palm, our Thermfit Gloves ensure you remain in control while keeping you protected from the snow!


You never know what weather you’re going to encounter, especially if you’re going on a long hike that could last a few hours! It’s important that you are prepared, and having a pair of waterproof gloves could be the perfect addition to your supplies.

Thanks to high quality materials such as Merino wool and Porelle membrane, you will have a pair of comfortable and practical gloves ready for when the weather turns.


You shouldn’t let a bit of rain or low temperatures put you off your fitness goals. With thermal waterproof gloves, you have a lightweight solution to ensuring you stay warm while you train.

Knitted and durable, Dexshell waterproof gloves are created to ensure they are antibacterial and sweat absorbing. Thanks to this, running with gloves has never been easier or more comfortable!


Of course, waterproof gloves are fulfilling their potential if and when they are exposed to water. Taking part in watersports can sometimes leave you feeling a bit cold and wet afterwards, but not if you invest the right waterproof clothing.

Gloves from Dexshell are breathable and successfully keep out any water, providing a high standard of protection from the elements!


A pair of gloves used for mountain biking should be abrasion and cut resistant to provide protection as well as keeping your hands warm and dry. Our Toughshield Gloves ensure superb dexterity so that you can stay in control as you ride your bike through any weather.

Our high performance gloves are the perfect answer to a huge range of activities if you’re looking to keep your hands protected. If you’re looking for a new pair of high tech gloves, our element repellent range is available here.

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