Prevent Rain From Ruining Your Day

Despite the fact that we are well and truly heading into the summer months, we aren’t necessarily guaranteed great weather all the time! Thanks to our climate, we are often exposed to changeable weather which could ruin your plans if you’re not careful. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain if you don’t have the correct clothing; this is where our products here at Dexshell come in!


Buying the correct waterproof clothing can be crucial if you are planning to spend your summer predominantly outdoors. However, a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the likes of waterproof socks or gloves is that they don’t live up to expectations, and many are sceptical about just how effective they are.

Dexshell waterproof socks are designed and manufactured to exceed expectations, using clever materials such as Porelle membranes. The inner membrane is a thin, strong layer that is laminated inside our products, ensuring waterproofness.

It doesn’t matter what you have planned this summer, Dexshell socks can keep you comfortable and protected from all elements, not just water. Providing maximum comfort, our element repellent products are both thermal and breathable. They protect from weather extremities such as mud, sand or wind to ensure you can continue whatever sport or activity you choose.


Waterproof socks are perfect for the outdoors, playing sport, attending a festival, or even to walk the dog. Keeping you protected from whatever state the ground might be in, choose ultralight or heavyweight from our range of socks.  All socks have hygienic properties such as naturally antibacterial and sweat absorption.

We have accessories tailored for your chosen sport or activity.  All have the same patented technology and high tech attributes which give ultimate performance fit for purpose. 

For example, our wading socks are perfectly suited for watersports, complete with in-cuff seal to mould to your skin to create a ‘seal’ and even prevent water going inside the top cuff of the sock. These particular socks would be great for a fishing trip or a canoeing enthusiast!

Whatever you choose to do this summer, being prepared for the possibility of rain is both important and practical.

With both children’s and adult’s waterproof socks available, the whole family can prevent the rain from ruining their day. Keeping warm, comfortable and dry with Dexshell!

Check out our extensive range of waterproof clothing today and enjoy yourself no matter what the weather is outside.  Please feel free to email us with any questions…


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