Keep Your Kids Warm During Summer Activities

It can be a challenge keeping your kids occupied and entertained over the summer holidays, especially if the weather isn’t great! As we’re not always guaranteed a great summer in terms of the sunshine, your options can sometimes feel quite limited. Depending what you have available to you, you might feel like you’re going to run out of things to do with your children over the 6 week holidays!

But what if you had specialist waterproof clothing that could keep your children warm and dry? You may be inclined to be more active with them, or not worry so much when they’re playing out with their friends. Regardless of the weather, waterproof clothing can be incredibly handy to have for a range of different activities.


Here at Dexshell, we have a range of waterproof socks, gloves and hats that are the world’s first for children; helping you to keep them out of harm’s way should you experience a downpour this summer!

Kids are always looking to explore and play outside, often jumping in puddles or generally getting quite dirty; great fun for them but not so much for the parents who deal with the washing later on in the day!

Socks or gloves for children from our range are able to provide a protective barrier from the likes of water and mud, ensuring they can play out all day, keeping a warm and dry head, hands and feet, no matter what the weather is!


It’s important to keep your children protected from the elements; they can be so prone to picking up illnesses from being wet or cold but with the right waterproof clothing you can help them to enjoy themselves come rain or shine.

Our waterproof socks will give warmth, comfort and keep you dry.

In addition they are incredibly hygienic, with antibacterial properties as well as being sweat absorbing. Complete with bamboo lining, they provide incredible comfort for your children while they are out and about enjoying their long break from school!

Whether you’re taking them to the park for a fun day out, or they’re just out in the back garden with their friends, make sure they’re protected from the weather with our range of waterproof socks, gloves and hats!

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