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Top training tips for the London Marathon

Signing up to run a marathon is on plenty of people’s bucket list. But actually going through the process of training, preparing and then running the gruelling distance is a different matter.

5 things every cyclist hates

Every avid cyclist knows that this activity has its ups and downs. This is meant in both a literal sense – ‘not another hill!’ – and in the sense that some days you love being out on the road and others you don’t.

Buy Christmas Gifts for Walkers and Cyclists

Christmas presents can be a tricky thing to get right. We’ve all got that family member or friend that every year we describe as being ‘hard to buy for’. It might not be their fault, but that doesn’t make it any easier!

How to start New Activities in the New Year

Once Christmas has been safely negotiated and the new year celebrations are done and dusted, people up and down the country will be looking to make some New Year’s resolutions and make some changes.

The best places to run this Autumn

We know that for many runners, staying fit and healthy is easier to do at certain times of year. When the sun’s shining and the temperatures are warm, you’re likely more than happy to be out and about, enjoying the outdoors and exercising.

Dexshell’s Top 5 Must-Have Products for Cyclists

Cyclists are known for being a tough breed. But very few riders enjoy getting soaked to the skin or savour feeling too cold while out on the bike. If you’ve found that once the rain starts to fall or the temperature drops below a certain point there is a negative impact on the enjoyment of your ride, finding items that can keep you warm and dry is a must. At Dexshell, we stock a fine selection of products for cyclists that are designed to allow you stay comfortable and protect...

Why Bamboo Socks Should Be Your Next Buy

Those who love the great outdoors will know the annoyance of being out and about when a sudden downpour strikes. Different people react to such things in different ways, but one thing is pretty universal – getting your feet cold and wet is to be avoided if at all possible.

5 Essential Products for Climbers and Hikers

Those who love climbing and embracing the great outdoors have to accept nature and weather in all its forms. Whether you’re favourite pastime is hiking up valleys and down dales, or you simply like to take a stroll in the countryside, at Dexshell we stock a great variety of apparel that can help enhance your enjoyment of your time in the great outdoors.

Prevent Rain From Ruining Your Day

Despite the fact that we are well and truly heading into the summer months, we aren’t necessarily guaranteed great weather all the time! Thanks to our climate, we are often exposed to changeable weather which could ruin your plans if you’re not careful. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain if you don’t have the correct clothing; this is where our products here at Dexshell come in!

Keep Your Kids Warm During Summer Activities

It can be a challenge keeping your kids occupied and entertained over the summer holidays, especially if the weather isn’t great! As we’re not always guaranteed a great summer in terms of the sunshine, your options can sometimes feel quite limited. Depending what you have available to you, you might feel like you’re going to run out of things to do with your children over the 6 week holidays!


Having a decent pair of gloves can be incredibly handy and sometimes even essential, whether you are going on a walk or participating in watersports regularly. Your hands often need proper protection from harsh weather conditions and they can lose heat quite quickly thanks to being an extremity.


The winners have been announced for this years prestigious 2016 Camping Magazine Awards, and DexShell is delighted to have received a “Commended” award in the “Best footwear” category.  This is a great achievement considering the highly competitive and broad category.  Up against products such as crampons, trainers and other footwear, DexShell was the only sock manufacturer recognised, breaking the boundaries with its’ unique element repellent...

Why Waterproof Socks Are Ideal For the Outdoors

There aren’t many things worse than setting off for an exciting day of adventures, only to get your socks or feet soaking wet; in fact, this would probably make a lot of people turn around and go home, either to change into a fresh pair of socks or even just give up altogether. But what if there was another option, one that meant you wouldn’t have to abandon your plans and not have to worry about the weather conditions?

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