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A glove for the adventure seekers

If you’re a regular hiker or outdoor enthusiast, you’ll know that your hands can often face some wear and tear from the environments you explore. If you’ve noticed that your regular cotton gloves aren’t up to the task of providing your hands with the necessary protection and insulation, we come to you with a solution.

We have a comprehensive range of hiking gloves, designed specifically for hiking activities so you can enjoy your experience without the uncomfortable feeling of cold and weathered hands.

Helping you get a better grip

Our hiking gloves feature durable and grippy palms and fingers, meaning you can have a better grip on slightly slippery surfaces such as smooth rocks. Perfect for when you need to do a little bit of climbing on your suburban route, these gloves can offer some extra grip when needed.

Not only are our hiking gloves grippy, but they are also fantastic at keeping your hands warm and protected from adverse weather conditions. Being caught out in in bad weather can be an unpleasant experience, with the wind and rain lashing against your hands, knuckles and fingers. However, our hiking gloves are thick and warm, providing a much welcome layer between you and the elements.

Ideal for year-round wear

Featuring innovative, breathable and antibacterial material, these gloves can be enjoyed all year round come rain or shine. Many people still enjoy wearing gloves during summer hikes, but dread the feeling of sweaty hands. Our hiking gloves, however, lets your skin breathe to reduce the sweat inside your gloves for the ultimate comfort.

Our cool designs will also look great in any season! Choose a pair of hiking gloves from an array of colours and styles including:

  • Hi-Vis yellow – great for using on evening adventures
  • Camo – a highly fashionable option
  • Purple – bright and fresh for a pop of colour
  • Black – a classic, versatile and extremely wearable colour

If you’re in need of a new pair of gloves to assist you with your hikes, browse our range of hiking gloves below. Make sure you contact us if you have any queries on our range of gloves.

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