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Protection, style and comfort

Are you looking for a new pair of bike gloves to help enhance your bike riding experience? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have a comprehensive collection of bike gloves, designed to provide the wearer with not only noticeable comfort, but protection against the elements.

Whether its rain, snow or wind, our bike gloves can help to keep your hands and fingers warm and dry, so you can enjoy your bike ride without any discomfort. Our bike gloves are also extremely stylish, adding a fashionable flare to your existing biking gear.

Get a better grip

Our bike gloves feature superb dexterity and textured palms, providing better grip control for the wearer. By having a better grip of your bike’s handle bars, you can ensure more control of your bike, helping you to feel comfortable and confident whilst out on your ride. 

The grip dotting allows the glove to remain entirely flexible, meaning they’re not cumbersome or restrictive in anyway whilst still giving you the grip control you need for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Perfect for all seasons

Dexshell bike gloves can offer comforting warmth when the frost starts to settle in, helping you to keep your fingers toasty warm whilst you ride. Whilst they keep you comfortably insulated, they’re entirely breathable reducing the amount of sweat that lingers in the gloves.

Our bike gloves can still be used when its warmer due to the breathability, making them a great year-round investment. They can also just be worn for casual wear too!

All gloved up

Ready to discover your new favourite pair of bike gloves? If so, browse our entire range below. You’ll be able to find options to suit you including different styles, colours, shapes and sizes.

For more information our range of gloves including our bike gloves, feel free to contact us for some helpful advice.

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