How are Dexshell products both breathable and waterproof?

All of our Dexshell products are manufactured with PORELLE® 'waterproof, breathable' membranes which is manufactured in the UK. They are manufactured by PIL Membranes who have over 30 years' experience in the market. The Porelle membrane is a thin but strong, flexible layer which is embedded between each of our products in the '3 layer construction'. The PORELLE® membrane does not allow water droplet to pass through, making it totally waterproof but  it also allows the membrane to breathe by allowing water molecules to pass through the membrane due to the high temperatures and humidity inside our socks, gloves and hats compared to the outside using the osmosis process.

Do Dexshell products require any special waterproofing treatment?

No, our PORELLE® membrane is a permanent waterproof barrier which doesn't require treatment to maintain or restore it's waterproofness.

Will dexshell products keep me warm aswell as waterproof?

Yes. All of our products are listed with a thermal rating 1-5 with 5 being our most thermal. We use a 3 layer construction on our socks, hats and gloves. This keeps them warmer and with the windproof and waterproof PORELLE® membrane it will keep you element repellent and warm.

I'm between shoe sizes, what size sock would fit me best?

What we recommend when it comes to picking the perfect sock, is if you are in between size, that you choose the larger size.

How do I work out my glove size?

DexShell waterproof knit gloves are available in four sizes. A method for you to find the perfect glove size for you would be to measure around the knuckles of yoour dominant hand in cm. For example, if you measure between 23-25cm the medium glove would be the best. However, no two hands are alike and finger length relative to palm size ranges from person to person so the best way to decide a perfect fit is of course to try them on.

Will my Dexshell gloves and socks ever let water in?

This can only happen if the membrane is damaged or you are in very extreme conditions which has allowed water into the top of the sock or into the wrist of the glove. This can be avoided, by purchasing our products which state 'in cuff seal' this will stop any water from leaking over the top of the sock or inside the glove. Also, we would suggest tucking socks and gloves under garments as it can cause the water to run down the clothing into the socks or gloves.

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